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Backbone treatment
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                         Treatment of a back, backbone in Russia

Correct posture is a beautiful and straight back, without stoop of lateral flexures, a so-called scoliosis, when one shoulder above another, shift of scapulas and a pelvis warp. For many people the stoop and the scoliosis are the result of a sedentary work, long driving by car, inadequate overloads of a backbone.

In our centre you can straighten you back at optimal time, correct a posture (stoop, a scoliosis) both children and adults. Our treatment eliminates not only problems in the backbone and joints, but also well influences functions of internals, nervous system and all organism as a whole. It will improve a state of health and will bring notable advantage, working capacity and immunity at any age.

                                       We treat a back in complex!

  • • Definition of the reasons  of changes in a backbone and joints by means of computer diagnostics and applied kinesiology;
  • • Restoration of a locomotor system and the interconnected systems of an organism;
  • • Ultrasonic investigation of a backbone, joints, all organs;
  • • Dry extension by means of an apparatus Hill Laboratories Ltd. (USA);
  • • Medical massage and physiotherapy exercises.