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Treatment of joints
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Treatment of joints in Russia

It is known some kinds of arthritises of large  joints. Semiology is general: a pain in joints at movements, and also in rest, joints look swelled up, sometimes - they redden and become hot to the touch. All displays an inflammation of joints. Each form of arthritises has its own features.

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Some words about terminology: an arthritis - is a  joint inflammation, and an arthrosis is a dystrophic disease of a joint at which a primary pathological process is destruction of cartilages of a joint, which (not always) the inflammation follows.

A rheumatic arthritis has the following signs (besides the specified displays of an inflammation):

• damage of three and smaller joints of a hand which lasts for more than three months; 
• symmetric joints of both hands are often involved in pathological process (for example, both first joints of forefingers on the left and right hands);
• constraint of movements in the affected joints in the mornings which gradually passes during the day is characteristic.

In case of damage of one  joint, without  treatment, the arthritis slowly passes to other ones, affecting more and more joints, doing impossible small movements. The process of damaging of joints can be observed on hands, on the joints of toes, as well as on the ankle joints.

The large  joints (knee, coxofemoral, humeral) are less subject to disease. Except articulate infringements a rheumatoid arthritis can provoke serious frustration in activity of the internals (vessels, kidneys, lungs, etc.). Therefore timely begun treatment is extremely important in respect of preventive maintenance of disease progressing.

Kinds of  joints treatment in clinic of Daminov in Russia:

1) Therapeutic physical training 
The purpose of the given procedure – formation of a rational muscular corset.

2) Medical healthful procedures
Their purpose is regeneration of the damaged fabrics, increase in a metabolism and blood flow improvement.

3) Massage
The purpose – normalisation of a muscular tone, increase in mobility of joints.