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Backbone - a life tree...  

Нервная система     The Tibetan medicine asserted more two thousand years ago that the backbone is a TREE of LIFE, our bodies hang on it as fruits. The tree decays - fruits perish...
     Have you ever observed, how the puppeteer manipulates puppets? He has pulled for one thread – the doll has walked, for another – has clapped the hands. Threads were confused – and puppets have helplessly hung. Much more difficult, but by the same principle, the interrelation of our internal organs with a backbone - "puppeteer" is arranged. 
The organism normal state is a flexible backbone. When it is deformed, in the organism thousands of invisible threads-interrelations are weakened and confused. In a body there are warps, displacement, clips, heavy feelings of the internals (omission) – with all the consequences following from here...
     The backbone is a support for all body. There is a spinal cord in it which regulates activity of all bodies and systems. It is the central power channel of a human body. Avizenna considered that if it was possible to track initially the stories of set of long diseases development, for certain, it would be possible to establish their original cause – malfunctions with a backbone. People, as a rule, treat a consequence – heal illnesses. Meanwhile, at times it is enough one-two characteristic clicks on a backbone correctly to build organism work as a whole. However, to execute such procedure, not only a remarkable professional knowledge and experience are required as well as rare natural gift of the healer – one should be born with it.

Doctor Daminov comments:

     For 12 years of work more than 2000 patients with the diagnosis "a hernia of vertebral disk"have passed. At the work analysis, efficiency of a method of treatment has made 98,5 %. 30 persons are directed on operative treatment, the others have completely got rid of a hernia of a vertebral disk of various localisation.  
      The method of "decompression at treatment of hernias of vertebral disks" is developed and improved by me in 1996, no analogues in the world!
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