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Colonohydrotherapy - intestines clarification.

Image During a procedure of hygidrocolonotherapy water reaches not only a rectum and the lower part of large intestines, but washes out the whole large intestines which length exceeds 2 meters. Procedure is comfortable and painless.


- Clarification of intestines and all organism
- Disposal of slags
- Weight reduction
- Normalisation of intestines function
- Skin clearing.

Procedure includes 3 stages:

1) 2 sessions - washing with the cleared water
2) 2 sessions - washing with the cleared water with hydrogen peroxide
3) 2 sessions - change of live biocultures of intestinal flora, creation of useful microflora for dysbacteriosis preventive maintenance


A device COLON-HYDROMAT II (Germany) is intended for effective clarification and intestines massage, and also oxygen therapy and infusions of pharmaceutical products. Procedure of alternation of pressure upon walls of intestines with immediate washing allows to dissolve and deduce effectively a firm deposit and particles, to carry out massage of walls of intestines and fabrics adjoining to it; infusion of medical products provides adequate treatment, and oxygen therapy - development of bacteria necessary for digestion that leads to improvement of an organism and strengthening of its protective functions. The special system of pipes provides full hygienic safety taking into account aesthetic senses of the doctor and the patient. The use of devise is painless that is especially important at treatment of children.